We use Lasers and IPL to remove fine and larger thread veins quickly and effectively in just 2-5 treatments, leaving your skin smooth and blemish-free.

Lasers and IPL can be used to remove thread veins on the face, body and legs. Laser treatments will remove fine and large thread veins quickly and effectively and two or three sessions is usually all that is needed to leave your skin feeling smooth and blemish-free.

Following any laser or IPL treatment, certain home care advice must be adhered to as this will make sure we achieve the desired result. This is a non-invasive treatment for veins 1-4 mm in size.

Thread veins are extremely common and are sometimes embarrassing; mostly affecting the face and legs. There are many factors as to why these veins may appear including hormonal imbalance, lifestyle and inherited genes.

Thread veins are not dangerous and do not cause symptoms. If the appearance of these veins affect you and you would like to improve them then the first question is whether they are associated with a varicose vein, especially if they are veins effecting the legs.

If there are deeper underlying varicose veins then the results of laser treatment are better if these are dealt with first. If your thread veins keep re occurring it may be the result of an underlying varicose vein. A thorough consultation and test patch will be needed before any treatment can commence.

The laser systems deliver pulses of light energy to the vein. This then causes the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel.

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